[Dovecot] 2.1: Error: Maildir filename has wrong S value, renamed the file from

Robert Schetterer rs at sys4.de
Wed Mar 27 10:13:29 EET 2013

Am 27.03.2013 08:44, schrieb Timo Sirainen:
> On 27.3.2013, at 0.15, Peer Heinlein <p.heinlein at heinlein-support.de> wrote:
>> Mar 26 22:39:17 mailserver2 dovecot: imap(testuser): Error: Cached
>> message size smaller than expe
>> cted (1467 < 3780)
>> Error: Maildir filename has wrong S value, r
>> enamed the file from
>> /var/vmail/uni-greifswald.de/testuser/Maildir/cur/1364332643.M527513P23361.m
>> ailserver2,S=3780,W=3860:2, to
>> /var/vmail/uni-greifswald.de/testuser/Maildir/cur/1364332643.M5275
>> 13P23361.mailserver2,S=1856:2,
>> *) Create a Maildir-Store with zip enabled

guess you mean zlib ?

>> *) Deliver Mails into it. Everything's working fine, the filenames are right
>> *) Delete dovecot.index*

in fact i did this 2 weeks ago , no errors came up with 2.1.15,
maildirs/mailboxes got work again

>> *) STEP ONE: Dovecot's complaining about broken index-files
>> *) STEP TWO: Dovecot's renaming the files

> Oh, except I actually forgot to load zlib plugin in my previous test. I can't reproduce with these steps.. and I don't really see why they would cause it anyway. A broken cached size would cause that rename, but not a missing cached size.

my problem was ,i couldnt find out why i needed to delete index* to get
2 Mailboxes work again,for more magic, no problem in the logs and
mailboxes worked in thunderbird linux but not in thunderbird windows (
clean new setups ),i speculated to some problem with massive pop3 and
imap in parallel from different ip at same time to the same mailbox
via loadbalancers crashing something, but sadly couldnt reproduce it yet

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