[Dovecot] 2.1: Error: Maildir filename has wrong S value, renamed the file from

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Wed Mar 27 09:44:53 EET 2013

On 27.3.2013, at 0.15, Peer Heinlein <p.heinlein at heinlein-support.de> wrote:

> Mar 26 22:39:17 mailserver2 dovecot: imap(testuser): Error: Cached
> message size smaller than expe
> cted (1467 < 3780)
> Error: Maildir filename has wrong S value, r
> enamed the file from
> /var/vmail/uni-greifswald.de/testuser/Maildir/cur/1364332643.M527513P23361.m
> ailserver2,S=3780,W=3860:2, to
> /var/vmail/uni-greifswald.de/testuser/Maildir/cur/1364332643.M5275
> 13P23361.mailserver2,S=1856:2,
> *) Create a Maildir-Store with zip enabled
> *) Deliver Mails into it. Everything's working fine, the filenames are right
> *) Delete dovecot.index*
> *) STEP ONE: Dovecot's complaining about broken index-files
> *) STEP TWO: Dovecot's renaming the files

Oh, except I actually forgot to load zlib plugin in my previous test. I can't reproduce with these steps.. and I don't really see why they would cause it anyway. A broken cached size would cause that rename, but not a missing cached size.

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