[Dovecot] Can't rename mailboxes, any ideas on how to fix?

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Fri Jan 4 05:31:53 EET 2013

On 2.1.2013, at 14.19, Howard Leadmon <howard at leadmon.net> wrote:

> I am running Dovecot 2.1.12 under FreeBSD, and I use Outlook 2010 with imap
> to connect to my server.   I know I used to be able to rename mailboxes, as
> I do this every year at year end, but when I went to rename some mailboxes
> the start of this year, blamo up popped the message "CANNOT Renaming not
> supported across conflicting directory permissions".

What mailbox format? What are you renaming and where? What are those directories' permissions? Anyway newer Dovecot versions are a bit more strict about directory permissions being same in source and destination.

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