[Dovecot] Can't rename mailboxes, any ideas on how to fix?

Howard Leadmon howard at leadmon.net
Fri Jan 4 05:42:56 EET 2013

   Hello Timo,

 You are correct, and I just got this all sorted out earlier today.    As to
format, it was the standard unix mbox format.   As to what I was renaming, I
have a subdir in my mail folder area for maillists, that procmail feeds
into, with a separate file for each list (like this one), and though most
files were mode 600, a few were like 644, and I guess it must look at the
overall directory or something permissions wise.   I went in a little
earlier and changed ALL files to mode 600 in the folder, and now it is happy
to rename things.

 In the end, issue solved, and apparently you are right in the newer 2.1 is
more picky, as I have done this yearly rename for the past couple years
without incident, but this year it blew up on me.   Again, many thanks for
the response..

Howard Leadmon 

> What mailbox format? What are you renaming and where? What are those
> directories' permissions? Anyway newer Dovecot versions are a bit more
> strict about directory permissions being same in source and destination.

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