[Dovecot] Can't rename mailboxes, any ideas on how to fix?

Howard Leadmon howard at leadmon.net
Wed Jan 2 14:19:04 EET 2013

I am running Dovecot 2.1.12 under FreeBSD, and I use Outlook 2010 with imap
to connect to my server.   I know I used to be able to rename mailboxes, as
I do this every year at year end, but when I went to rename some mailboxes
the start of this year, blamo up popped the message "CANNOT Renaming not
supported across conflicting directory permissions".

 Then only thing that has really been updated here, is Dovecot itself, as I
know the FBSD port updates when new versions are released.  Any clues on
what may have caused this, or how to best correct it?

Howard Leadmon 

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