[Dovecot] Mailing lists in Dovecot?

Peter Reinhold peter at reinhold.dk
Mon Nov 1 20:09:07 EET 2010

Someone wrote (Probably you), and the time was 16:45 01-11-2010

>>I was wondering if anyone could recommend a 
>>simple mailing list manager that plays well 
>>with a Postfix/Dovecot setup, with virtual domains?
>depends on what you exactly needs. postfix alone 
>may do the job, or it may not. anyway, post to 
>the postfix-users list with more details.

I am using a postfix virtual users/domains setup 
(hosting multiple domains with multiple users), with SQL lookup.

What I need is to be able to define a mailing 
list on a given domain, so that mails received on 
that one address will be sent to a multiple of 
users, with the sender e-mail changed to be the 
address of the mailing list, so replies are sent 
straight to the list, and not the original sender.

>Otherwise, mailman isn't hard to setup. and you 
>get the benefits of a "real" list manager.

I looked at this, does this play well with 
Dovecot in the above mentioned configuration?

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