[Dovecot] Mailing lists in Dovecot?

Roman v. Gemmeren roman at hasnoname.de
Mon Nov 1 21:01:47 EET 2010


> >Otherwise, mailman isn't hard to setup. and you
> >get the benefits of a "real" list manager.
> I looked at this, does this play well with
> Dovecot in the above mentioned configuration?
Well dovecot doesn't directly interact with the mailing-list.
mailman sets up new aliases for the list (in postfix you just specify a 
new/additional users-table) and manages the subscribers internally 
(delivering them 'back' to postfix which delivers them via dovecot).

I have this setup running for a while without a problem. The initial 
mailman-setup might needed some trial and error ( i wasn't very experienced 
with it at that time), but once figured out, it is quite easy.



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