[Dovecot] sa-learn and IMAP [Was: sdbox-format and sa-learn(spamassassin)]

Andrzej Adam Filip anfi at onet.eu
Mon Nov 1 20:06:57 EET 2010

Ingo Thierack <i.thierack at iwt-promotion.com> wrote:
> is it somehow possible to use sa-learn on sdbox-mailboxes?
> Maybe i can use dsync to "mirror" the mailboxes(only the
> spam-subfolder) to another
> location and convert it to mbox or maildir and act then on it with sa-learn?
> I know the antispam-Plugin, but until now no success, to get it
> running. So I think about
> an way, to learn via sa-learn on an file which i can process.

Have you considered asking for IMAP  iterator for spamassassin?
[ e.g. based on Net::IMAP::Simple perl module]

It will not be the fast way but it would be optimal long term solution (IMHO).

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