[Dovecot] Can doveadm rebuild thread indexes?

David Warden warden at geneseo.edu
Thu Dec 30 23:45:57 EET 2010

I'm already using "doveadm search" to update my squat fts indexes
(dovecot.index.search and dovecot.index.search.uids) but I'd like to
also update dovecot's thread index file (dovecot.index.thread) using
doveadm. I checked the new wiki and the archives but didn't see any
option for this. (I'm running 2.0.8) 

The alternative (AFAIK) is to
write a script that signs in to IMAP and does "thread references UTF-8
ALL" in each folder. 

As an aside, could the dovecot LDA do any of this
work? I'd surely be willing to spend the resources at delivery time to
keep those indexes updated if it meant I didn't have to run a cron job
to keep them updated. 

-David Warden

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