[Dovecot] doveadm search

dovecot dovecot at vosslamber.nl
Thu Dec 30 18:43:11 EET 2010

I would like to have soem information added to this page: 

Under 'Arguments'/fields is mentioned that 'hdr' could be used.

But i wanted doveadm to just return the header of my message

I found out, by simply trying, that next statement works:
$ doveadm -f table  fetch -u <username>  "date.sent mailbox hdr.Subject" 
subject seomthing
date.sent    mailbox    hdr.subject
2010-12-30 11:56:38 (+0100)    INBOX    RE: Question about seomthing
2010-12-30 13:24:29 (+0100)    INBOX    RE: Question about seomthing
2010-12-30 11:12:33 (+0100)    Sent    Question about seomthing
2010-12-30 12:11:19 (+0100)    Sent    Re: Question about seomthing

I think it would be nice to add information to the field 'hdr' to let 
people know that 'hdr.Subject' is also allowed.


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