[Dovecot] Can doveadm rebuild thread indexes?

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Thu Dec 30 23:51:19 EET 2010

On 30.12.2010, at 23.45, David Warden wrote:

> I'm already using "doveadm search" to update my squat fts indexes
> (dovecot.index.search and dovecot.index.search.uids) but I'd like to
> also update dovecot's thread index file (dovecot.index.thread) using
> doveadm. I checked the new wiki and the archives but didn't see any
> option for this. (I'm running 2.0.8) 


> The alternative (AFAIK) is to
> write a script that signs in to IMAP and does "thread references UTF-8
> ALL" in each folder. 


> As an aside, could the dovecot LDA do any of this
> work?

Not right now.

But is there really that big of a difference? I'd think that even a few hundred new messages since last threading wouldn't be noticeable to user..

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