[Dovecot] Managesieve + Timeout

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Tue Dec 21 22:17:19 EET 2010

On 21.12.2010, at 21.41, Stephan Bosch wrote:

> Please reply to the mailinglist as well. I am not the only one who can help you out.
> Op 21-12-2010 20:19, spamvoll at googlemail.com schreef:
>> Thunderbird 3.1.6 (Linux) with Sieve addon
>> TLS auth happens and then a timeout is displayed
> Does the TLS auth succeed, or is that where it hangs? The Tbird add-on as protocol logging facility, so you could check that to find out where it hangs exactly.

Dovecot always logs why a connection gets disconnected. If the problem is with TLS, then it logs what function failed in what error message. If the problem isn't with TLS, it logs something else.. In any case I can't give any guesses until I see what the logout message is.

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