[Dovecot] problem with virtual plugin/index files?

Lutz Preßler Lutz.Pressler at SerNet.DE
Thu Dec 2 12:08:49 EET 2010


Timo: on Oct 29th I wrote

with latest 2.0.6 (601065674f74), the following virtual mailbox
is not behaving correctly. I'm quite sure that the problem has not
existed in some earlier 2.0.x (maybe only INBOX as mailbox then

~user/Maildir/virtual/.week/dovecot-virtual contains

 inthread refs younger 604800

This works as expected for the first time. But later on, also older messages/
threads are included until I delete the virtual/.week/dovecot.index*.

Just want to state that this problem still persists with latest
version. Any idea?

Thanks and greetings,

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