[Dovecot] Sieve vacation not working

Stephan Bosch stephan at rename-it.nl
Mon Jul 6 18:13:17 EEST 2009

Phill Edwards wrote:

> So it's a complete black box mystery as to why it just won't send a reply.
You did not specify what version of Dovecot and Sieve you are using, 
but, considering the lack of log messages, I am assuming it is CMUSieve. 
Please do indicate your setup.

According to the sources, the CMUSieve plugin will refuse to autorespond 
in the following situations:

1) The message contains a "List-Id" [RFC2919], "List-Help", 
"List-Subscribe", "List-Unsubscribe", "List-Post", "List-Owner" or 
"List-Archive" [RFC2369] header field.

2) The message has an "Auto-submitted" header field with a value other 
than "no".

3) The message has a "Precedence" header field with one of the following 
values: list, bulk, junk

4) There is no address to respond to, i.e. empty envelope from: no -f 
parameter for deliver and no Return-Path header (placed by MTA) in the 

5) The sender address is the address of the user this script is running 
for (sender == recipient) or it is one of the addresses specified in the 
:addresses parameter.

6) The sender address is a system address, starting with
'MAILER-DAEMON', 'LISTSERV', 'majordomo', or 'owner-', or containing 

7) The message is not explicitly addressed to the user nor to one of the 
addresses specified in the :addresses parameter. No automatic responses 
will be generated for implicitly delivered messages: the recipient or 
one of the provided addresses must be found in the to, cc, bcc, 
resent-to, resent-cc or resent-bcc headers of the message.

Unfortunately, CMUSieve does not indicate which condition is triggered 
and the vacation action is silently discarded.



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