[Dovecot] New install on Ubuntu Fiesty 7.04

Wade Smart wadesmart at gmail.com
Mon Apr 30 01:28:39 EEST 2007

Well, it uses postfix to actually send it bit it said that dovecot actually
does the work
of getting to postfix.


I have already quickly moved beyond my comfort zone but that is the link to
the page.


On 4/29/07, Charles Marcus <CMarcus at media-brokers.com> wrote:
> > I have my setup working and I have access to my email - 2069 now in my
> > inbox.
> Ok, good you figured out the earlier problem...
> > And I have one question.
> > I read in the QuickStart about using Dovecot to send my mail as well.
> Hmmm... I'd like to see that entry, because dovecot doesn't send mail -
> it is not an MTA, it is only a POP/IMAP server.
> It is postfix that would send your mail for you.
> > Dovecot LDA with Posftix.
> The dovecot LDA delivers INCOMING mail - through postfix. In other
> words, it is postfix that uses the dovecot LDA.
> I use postfix, so can probably help you, but we'll need to take that
> private, since it isn't a dovecot issue. Feel free to email me off-list
> if you like, although I'm about to go home for the day...
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> Media Brokers International
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