[Dovecot] New install on Ubuntu Fiesty 7.04

Charles Marcus CMarcus at Media-Brokers.com
Mon Apr 30 01:47:50 EEST 2007

Wade Smart wrote:
> Well, it uses postfix to actually send it bit it said that dovecot actually
> does the work of getting to postfix.
> http://wiki.dovecot.org/LDA/Postfix

As I said - that is about using dovecot LDA for delivering INCOMING mail 
so that dovecot can then serve it up. It has nothing to do with sending 
OUTGOING mail. Dovecot has nothing to do with that (and probably never 
will - unless Timo decides to build a suite of products, like Sam has 
done with Courier.

> I have already quickly moved beyond my comfort zone but that is the link to
> the page.

Well, you must already have postfix working at least partially, if new 
mail is being delivered. So, if you want to get sending working, I'll be 
happy to try to help, just email me privately.


Best regards,


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