[Dovecot] How to integrate dspam and dovecot

Mark E. Mallett mem at mv.mv.com
Tue Apr 3 18:24:40 EEST 2007

On Tue, Apr 03, 2007 at 12:15:38PM +0100, Hugo Monteiro wrote:
>     I've had several setups for SPAM/Virus handling in qmail servers,
> and the best solution so far was a combination of simscan + dspam +
> clamav. All the other qmail-queue replacements i've tried, including
> qpsmtpd, where just too expensive regarding system resources.

Note that qpsmtpd is more of a qmail-smtpd replacement than a qmail-queue

> Most
> solutions involving perl will simply not do, at least for me, on account
> of perl overhead.

Well, a theory is that the resources saved by rejecting more spam will
more than offset the resources used by the perl interpreter.

There are, of course, non-perl qmail-smtpd replacements, including
my own :-)  But qpsmtpd has a lot of momentum and you gain from that.

mm  (not really here nor there)

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