[Dovecot] Feature Missing OUTBOX Folder

Frank Doege fdoege at network-steps.de
Mon Apr 2 10:28:25 EEST 2007

Hi Dovecot People,

i have switched my system from courier-imap to dovecot and iam quite
happy with it, the performance is well and i had nearly no problems.

One little feature iam missing is in Courier i had a folder called
"Outbox" there i could paste mails which i want to sent out.

In some networks its not always available to sent mails via port 21, i
know i could just set up my email server to another port but it was a
nice feature.

Is this a big afford or is it just alittle hack ? could it done via a
little plugin ?

Thanks Timo & all others for the great work !


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