[Dovecot] Feature Missing OUTBOX Folder

Jasper Bryant-Greene jasper at albumltd.co.nz
Mon Apr 2 11:16:36 EEST 2007

On Mon, 2007-04-02 at 09:28 +0200, Frank Doege wrote:
> One little feature iam missing is in Courier i had a folder called
> "Outbox" there i could paste mails which i want to sent out.

Awful hack, but I'm not bothered either way as I know that it will be
configurable if it is included, just like all of Timo's other great
work :)

> In some networks its not always available to sent mails via port 21, i
> know i could just set up my email server to another port but it was a
> nice feature.

It should never be possible to send mail via port 21, that's the
assigned port for FTP. However you can almost always get mail out of any
network on the SMTP standard submission port of 587.

> Is this a big afford or is it just alittle hack ? could it done via a
> little plugin ?

A plugin would seem like the best place for it.

Jasper Bryant-Greene <jasper at albumltd.co.nz>
Album Limited
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