[Dovecot] How to integrate dspam and dovecot

Hugo Monteiro hugo.monteiro at fct.unl.pt
Tue Apr 3 14:15:38 EEST 2007

Manilal K M wrote:
> On 03/04/07, Johannes Berg <johannes at sipsolutions.net> wrote:
>> On Tue, 2007-04-03 at 12:21 +0530, Manilal K M wrote:
>> > > Also, I forgot one thing: It's not a plugin for dspam, it's a
>> plugin for
>> > > dovecot that links dspam to dovecot.
>> >
>> > I know :)
>> :)
>> It seemed you were a bit confused when you asked if it would be included
>> with dspam. FWIW, I'm using it with dspam 3.6.8 from debian. But I have
>> a per-user setup, if you want a virtual user setup you probably need to
>> do a bit more work since the plugin will actually need to call the dspam
>> binary with a --user argument which requires a plugin modification.
>> I know that some people have done this modification, but I haven't
>> received any patches. If you get it to work a patch would be welcome.
>> johannes
> Basically my primary objective is to prevent spam and today i got an
> interesting link to it:
> http://searchenterpriselinux.techtarget.com/tip/0%2C289483%2Csid39_gci1235770%2C00.html
> and
> http://www.oreillynet.com/pub/a/sysadmin/2005/09/15/qpsmtpd.html
> I think this method is more reliable since I am playing with a
> production server.
> I will surely try to contribute to dovecot, but there is a long way to
> go ...
> regards
> Manilal

    I've had several setups for SPAM/Virus handling in qmail servers,
and the best solution so far was a combination of simscan + dspam +
clamav. All the other qmail-queue replacements i've tried, including
qpsmtpd, where just too expensive regarding system resources. Most
solutions involving perl will simply not do, at least for me, on account
of perl overhead.

    Right now i have several production environments, one of which is
rather large, and i've been rather happy with the implementation
outcome. That setup includes qmail-ldap with some patches for
greylisting and greeting delay, simscan with a patch to handle dspam
internal quarantine engine, dspam with a patch to allow user
checking/address alias mapping, clamav, maildrop for server side
filtering and finally dovecot with Johannes dspam plugin.

    Besides the regular locations for all that software, you might
consider taking a look at the set of patches i mentioned. The link is


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