[Dovecot] dovecot's LDA agent

Bartosz Giza gizmen at blurp.pl
Sun Dec 10 13:54:02 UTC 2006


I am using courier IMAP with maildrop as LDA. I started reading about
dovecot and i like started to feel that i can switch to it.

I have couple questions mostly about dovecot's LDA.
My main problem with maildrop is that i have to create manualy user
directories grr. All my domains are set up as virtual with postfix.
So when i add new accout thru my web panel and i have to create user dir
manually. This is really annoying thing. Maildrop checks if there is user
dir before delivering mail. If not it report error.

I want to know if dovecot's LDA create automaticly user dirs or not.
I need also filtering language in LDA and i kknow that LDA has option to use
sieve scrips.

Generaly i am not sure that dovecot will be a good choice to switch from
Could anybody help me ?

best regards,
 Bartosz Giza

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