[Dovecot] Using custom Maildir subfolders with pop3 deliveri

Benjamin Dabelow dabelow at tuxoft.de
Mon Dec 11 12:34:18 UTC 2006

Hi Bojan,

Bojan Popovic schrieb:
> I am trying to make my antispam protection on user basis. So I need
> something like .junkmail folder in every user maildir. But the problem
> I am having is that my mail client can not download mail put in
> .junkmail folder.
> I am usin POP3 only, Maildir mailboxes (default_mail_env =
> maildir:/var/mail/%u) and whether I make folder with leadin dot or not
> it is never shown in mail client.
> Sincerely I don`t even know if it is posible with POP3, but it would
> be very hard converting to IMAP at this moment.

You can not serve multiple folders in one POP3 account, but there a
several possible ways to access your spam folder:

1. Switch to IMAP.

2. Tag the mails on the server and let the client do the sorting i.e.
add a header like "X-Spamcheck: SPAM" on the server and create a rule to
put these mails into a specific folder on your client.

3. Use IMAP via a webmail frontend to access your spam folder.

4. Create a second pop account for your spam folder.

Probably 2 is the easiest for you, if you cannot switch to IMAP.

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