[Dovecot] Question about the dovecot debian package

Curtis Maloney cmaloney at cardgate.net
Thu Dec 15 00:18:50 EET 2005

Florian Schnabel wrote:
> am planing transition to dovecot right now ...
> just noticed dovecot debian package would install mysql ... it probably 
> depens on just any database and uses ymsql by default .. but anyway why 
> does it need one ?

It does NOT need one.  However, it _can_ use one (Postgress or MySQL... and even 
SQLite, when I finish testing my patch:) for user details (name, password, home 
dir, etc).

Requiring MySQL (even just the client libs) is some wrong-headedness in the 
packaging, though they may not see a clean alternative since I believe currently 
the SQL portion of Dovecot is not pluggable, but compiled in.

Curtis Maloney
cmaloney at cardgate.net

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