[Dovecot] Question about the dovecot debian package

Gert Brinkmann g111 at netcologne.de
Wed Dec 14 17:53:20 EET 2005

Florian Schnabel wrote:
> just noticed dovecot debian package would install mysql ... it probably
> depens on just any database and uses ymsql by default .. but anyway why
> does it need one ?

As far as I know dovecot does not require mysql or another database.
Note that not the whole mysql DB will be installed, as I think, but only
some client-libs. Perhaps they are required because dovecot is linked
against them?

You should ask the maintainer or file a bug against the dovecot-common
package IMHO. It should not be necessary to install mysql-stuff if you
do not need it. But who knows about the internal technical things...


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