[Dovecot] Thinking about switching from courier-imap to Dovecot: 2 simple questions

kadafax kadafax at gmail.com
Wed Dec 14 16:03:03 EET 2005

I'm using RHEL4 and since the dovecot RPM is present in the main 
repository, I'm thinking about switching from courier-imap (with whom 
I've got trouble to update) to Dovecot. Here are two questions about 
Dovecot (google didn't answer me):

1. Is it possible for dovecot to use the bind mecanism against ldap for 
authentification purpose. My main concern is to avoid the clear-text 
password in the dovecot-ldap.conf file. With courier-imap, the process 
simply bind to the ldap tree with the users's supplied login/password. 
No need for a special authentification purpose user.

2. Does imap's dovecot implementation support folders imbrication (more 
than one level folders) ?


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