[Dovecot] Dovecot 2.2 & LEMONADE extensions

Ed W lists at wildgooses.com
Thu Mar 28 22:44:02 EET 2013

On 26/03/2013 13:39, Jan Phillip Greimann wrote:
> Hi there,
> I read an article about dovecot 2.2, which includes the LEMONADE 
> extensions, and was fascinated about the feature "Forward without 
> download". We have a small internet-uplink in our office and our CEO 
> loves to receive mails with large attachments, he also reply/forward 
> it, so every time the full attachments get downloaded and uploaded 
> again. Now the question is: Is LEMONADE supported by 
> desktop-mailclients like thunderbird or just mobile Clients? (Google 
> said nothing to this, maybe searched the wrong words)
> I hope someone can help me with this.

Which client are you using?

My understanding is that you will need an SMTP server which supports 
such a feature. Apple patch Postfix to support this using the BURL 
extension, however, for whatever reason the patch has not been picked up 
by Postfix:


I think it would be worth rattling the postfix list to see if it could 
be reviewed

Note, my favourite solution would be a new RFC which triggers Dovecot to 
pass to SMTP a specified message from a specified folder. This would 
then mean you can use all the IMAP features to compose your message on 
the server, probably bypassing lots of downloading. Further it would 
mean no duplicated data when moving the message to the Sent Folder since 
such an operation would be all done and tracked via IMAP.  So you would 
compose the message in "Outbox", ask Dovecot to send it, then (possibly 
atomically) move it to Sent folder.

However, a) there is no such RFC and b) there is no client mailer which 
supports it.  I think Apple might be the people to rattle to get such an 
idea off the ground though - they seem to have the desire to make it 
happen (add in K9 developers and submit a patch to Mozilla and at least 
there would be basic groundwork...)


Ed W

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