[Dovecot] Outlook 2013 - mounting folders with XLIST

Hajo Locke hajo.locke at gmx.de
Mon Mar 25 18:14:33 EET 2013


> I also used your suggested userdb_import setting, but seems that i have no 
> luck today. with and without prefetching there are no folders etc. 
> autocreated.

now i have a partially success.

the autocreate works if mailbox hallohallo is basically created in conf file 
with special_use purpose:

namespace inbox {
  inbox = yes

namespace inbox {

  mailbox hallohallo {
  special_use = \Sent


userdb_import: namespace/inbox/mailbox=hallohallo 

In this case the settings from userdb_import override this part of conffile 
and folder hallohallo is autocreated and accepted by outlook 2013. (works 
only without prefetch)
but my goal is to put also the special_use purpose per user to userdb.
i reduced conf file to:

namespace inbox {
  inbox = yes

now i extended userdb_import to:


At this point nothing happens. there is no folder autocreated and telnet 
session shows no special_use folder.
Is there a possibility to put the complete special_folders config to userdb?


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