[Dovecot] Please help to make decision

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Mon Mar 25 15:51:12 EET 2013

On 3/24/13 11:12 AM, Tigran Petrosyan wrote:
> Hi
> We are going to implement the "Dovecot" for 1 million users. We are going
> to use more than 100T storage space. Now we examine 2 solutions NFS or GFS2
> via (Fibre Channel storage).
> Can someone help to make decision? What kind of storage solution we can use
> to achieve good performance and scalability.
NFS has worked well for us on a 65,000 user Dovecot cluster.  We use a 
dual controller NetApp in cluster mode which give great performance.  
You might also consider looking at the commercial version of Dovecot 
which has the Object Storage plugin, which might suit your scalability 
needs much better (size and especially budget wise).  I would also 
recommend testing with actual work loads similar to what you plan on 
implementing.  Our team developed a mail generating botnet in which we 
ran SMTP/IMAP/POP tests where we could control levels of each.

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