[Dovecot] Qmail-LDAP/Dovecot Cluster

Jeff Hardy hardyjm at potsdam.edu
Wed Mar 13 19:25:05 EET 2013


I have worked with qmail-ldap and Dovecot for a number of years, and 
recently wrote up a piece going into great detail about all aspects of 
our environment.  It currently supports a rather small installation of 
~10K active users.  If it should be of interest:


It is intended primarily for system administrators or mail 
administrators interested in building mail infrastructure on top of 
open-source technologies, and is inspired by the likes of Life with qmail.

Topics include storage, backup, directory integration, local and remote 
mail exchange, checkpassword SMTP-Auth and Dovecot login, RBLs, 
content-scanning and anti-spam, quarantine, webmail, etc.  Full 
installation directions and configuration stanzas are provided for 
nearly every piece of the infrastructure.

Comments/criticism welcome.  Cheers.


Jeffrey M Hardy
Network / Systems Administrator
hardyjm at potsdam.edu

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