[Dovecot] dovecot proxying with imapc

Angel L. Mateo amateo at um.es
Mon Mar 4 15:34:07 EET 2013

El 04/03/13 09:56, suja escribió:
> Dear sir,
> I have to set up a mail gateway which will be explored to Internet and a
> secure mail server in the Intranet.
> I need a smart imap proxy in the mail gateway which will fetch the mail from
> server and present to user through either a stand alone mail client or a web
> mail client.
> All authentication is through ldap server.
> I followed the instructions given in
> http://wiki2.dovecot.org/HowTo/ImapcProxy
> But while logging in I am getting a error:
> dovecot: imap(user1): Error: user user1:Initialization failed: Initializing
> mail storage from mail_location setting failed: Unknown mail storage driver
> imapc
> dovecot: imap(user1): Error: Invalid user settings. Refer to server log for
> more information.
> I couldn't figure out what is wrong. Please help me to sort it out.
	I think you could do the same with director, without needing to 
configure it with imapc. Is there any other reason to use imapc?

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