Probably K9 not Outlook - Re: Outlook 2010 not connecting to secure POP3

Bertrand Caplet bertrand.caplet at
Sun Nov 23 23:35:46 UTC 2014

> Well, since this was a secure connection test, needed openssl for the
> connect, not telnet.  And how to do that on Windows?  I DID try it on
> this F20 notebook, and of course it worked just fine.  That was why I
> really suspected Windows TLS functions.  Then when I was trying again, I
> caught a little pop up in the system tray saying how the nanny software
> was blocking the bad program that was trying to do https to port 995...
Hey Robert,
There is a command on linux to test ssl/tls smtp server :
openssl s_client -connect -starttls smtp

You just need openssl for windows here :

Let me know if this is working.
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