spam folder and POP users

Robert Moskowitz rgm at
Thu Nov 20 22:43:36 UTC 2014

On 11/20/2014 05:35 PM, Reindl Harald wrote:
> Am 20.11.2014 um 23:29 schrieb Robert Moskowitz:
>> I am new to actually running dovecot.  I actually still use POP as I
>> have for YEARS and thunderbird does not make it easy to convert to 
>> IMAP...
>> My server is moving all tagged spam into the IMAP spam folder. Very
>> nice for the IMAP users, but not for the POP users.  Of course the
>> server don't know, and the mysql database for users does not have any
>> flags for this.  Don't want my server to fill up with spam from POP
>> users that don't know to check via IMAP.
>> I am using roundcubemail for the webmail IMAP client.  Is there any way
>> for POP users to indicate that they do not want spam so nicely auto
>> moved to the IMAP spam folder?
> dovecot just don't know if it is a "POP3 user"

That I know.  Though since it is using a mysql database of users, I 
COULD add a column designating this.  But it would be difficult to 
maintain.  Better perhaps for dovecot NOT to be so nice to move the 
messages and leave that to the client.

> it is just a user
> what about setup a better spam filter so you can deliver the 5-10 spam 
> messages just to INBOX with [SPAM] added to the subject?

Well ***SPAM*** is added to the subject.  And it seems that dovecot is 
being really nice to act on that and move it.  Now I have to remember 
what I did to configure this and unconfigure this.  I did much of the 
work long ago, set it aside, built a new box,,,  So now I am learning 
what I did.

> to give you some numbers: 1200 users, 150 flagged messages per day
I only have 12 users.  Small time, I know.  And some have 1000 flagged 
messages per day.

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