Understanding filesystem quotas

Chris Szilagyi chris at apex-internet.com
Fri Nov 14 14:29:35 UTC 2014

>> 1) have enabled quotas on /home/username/mail,
>> 2) have reloaded Dovecot after config change,
>> 3) have read dovecot logs, if there are errors, and
>> 4) maybe you need to configure a limit, in order to enable quotas in
>> Dovecot at all.
> Tried on my server, seems like you're right - Dovecot is ignoring
> quota_rule userdb field and grabs the soft limit from the filesystem.

OK good to know.  So it sounds like Dovecot is relying on the filesystem
quota system to do the enforcement.  This makes sense, and explains why the
Dovecot index files should be in an area outside of quotas.

Thanks for your help.


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