Understanding filesystem quotas

Jiri Bourek bourek at thinline.cz
Fri Nov 14 10:47:13 UTC 2014

> 1) have enabled quotas on /home/username/mail,
> 2) have reloaded Dovecot after config change,
> 3) have read dovecot logs, if there are errors, and
> 4) maybe you need to configure a limit, in order to enable quotas in
> Dovecot at all.

Tried on my server, seems like you're right - Dovecot is ignoring 
quota_rule userdb field and grabs the soft limit from the filesystem.

> 5) maybe try the mount=<path> option, http://wiki2.dovecot.org/Quota/FS
>> then? I would prefer to let Dovecot enforce quotas rather than rely on
>> the
>> filesystem quota mechanism, but keep disk I/O down.
> Dunno if "rely" sounds like you don't trust it ;-) But you should place
> INDEXes somewhere else, if you enforce quota via file system.

Agree to that - if you count control/index directories towards user's 
quota and enforce it on filesystem level, users most likely won't be 
able to login and delete mail when they reach it.

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