inbox parameter is ignored within location config for public namespaces?

Dieter Knopf dieterknopf at
Sun Nov 9 17:24:11 UTC 2014


i already asked a similiar question some month ago but still have no
fix for my problem :-(

This is my global location option in 10-mail.conf:
mail_location =

This works fine, until i'm using a public namespace.

The following namespace is a normal user too, every mail to bos at
is stored in /home/vmail/ (within the INBOX-folder)
and this directory is used for the location of the namespace.

namespace {
  type = public
  separator = /
  prefix = BOS/
  location = maildir:/home/vmail/
  subscriptions = yes

The namespace itself works fine and without a problem, but the INBOX
folder is the main problem. Mail users agents like Thunderbird now
shows a folder structure like:

BOS (grey, not useable)
- INBOX (the .INBOX folder)
- Other folder 1
- Other folder 2
- Other folder 3

The INBOX-config works fine for every single user, but it don't work
on namespaces? Is this a bug?



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