[Dovecot] how to setup different quota for multiple namespaces

Andreas Oster aoster at novanetwork.de
Wed Jan 9 10:46:52 EET 2013

Hello all,

I am using dovecot for some time now but always had very basic
configurations. I recently have configured a new, additional namespace
in order to move archived mails (Thunderbird Archives) to another
storage system.

namespace {
  type = private
  separator = .
  prefix = Archives.
  location = maildir:/var/vmail/archive/%Ln/Maildir
  subscriptions = yes
  list = children
  inbox = no

This works well but unfortunately I cannot find a solution to either
ignore this new namespace from quota computation or add a separate quota
value for it.

I have integrated user authentication with LDAP and fetch some user
attributes from LDAP entries:

user_attrs =

I configured the quota plugin in the following way:

plugin {
        quota = maildir:User quota:ns=
        quota2 = maildir:Archive quota:ns=Archives.
        quota_rule = *:storage=1G
        quota_rule2 = ns=Archives.:ignore

unfortunately this does not give the desired result. Folders under the
Archives namespace use the same quota as INBOX.

Does anyone have an idea how to fix this ?

Thank you for your kind help


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