[Dovecot] Squat FTS plugin not kicking in

Frerich Raabe raabe at froglogic.com
Wed Jan 9 17:37:50 EET 2013

Am 1/8/2013 9:40 PM, schrieb Frerich Raabe:
> Hi,
> I'm running Dovecot 2.1.12 on FreeBSD. I configured Dovecot to use
> the Squat plugin to provide faster full-text searches. The output of
> 'dovecot -n' is attached to this mail.
> However, I just noticed that this plugin doesn't seem to kick in.


> Does anybody have some idea how to get more logging out of
> index-worker, or whether there's a flaw in my configuration?

I just noticed the mistake; apparently the "doveconf -n" invocation to 
migrate my Dovecot 1.2.18 setup to Dovecot 2.1.10 wasn't quite complete:

the 'mail_plugins = fts fts_squat' part is not only needed in the 
"protocol imap" section but also on the global level!

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