[Dovecot] load sbub-mailbox

mourik jan heupink heupink at merit.unu.edu
Sun Jan 13 11:26:13 EET 2013

> http://wiki2.dovecot.org/Variables states that %w only works for
> Dovecot-auth so this does not seem to work for imap client proxy.
I read that, yes. However I didn't know how this works, but I expected 
dovecot-auth (whatever that may be) to perform the authentication to the 
old mailserver, so I thought: "I guess %w must be available then..."

Anyway, thanks for pointing that out.

> I assume you will need to use a master user (masteruser) to login
> on behalf of the actual user (loginuser), since the user should be
> already authenticated when he sees the namespace "oldmail".
Yep, I have just tried that approach, and it works fine. Thanks!

There is just one thing left to sort out:
 From the moment we have migrated to dovecot, new accounts will not be 
(manually) created anymore on our old server, meaning: more and more 
mailboxes will become unavailable on the old server.

It seems (but I have not yet done a lot of testing) that if the imapc 
cannot 'mount' the old mailbox, the imap process 'dies'. (that's what 
squirrelmail tells me)

Since you know so much... :-) Do you happen to know a way to make the 
imapc non-mandatory..? Like: when 'mounting' fails: simply ignore it, 
and proceed as normal.

Thanks very much for you kind assistance!

Mourik Jan

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