[Dovecot] load sbub-mailbox

Daniel Parthey daniel.parthey at informatik.tu-chemnitz.de
Sun Jan 13 07:09:03 EET 2013

Hi Mourik Jan,

mourik jan heupink wrote:
> imapc_host = old.mail.server
> imapc_user = %u
> imapc_password = %w
> namespace {
>   type = private
>   separator = /
>   prefix = oldmail/
>   location = imapc:
>   inbox = no
>   hidden = no
>   list = yes
> }
> However the %w is not expanded to the users password, but instead
> "%w" is tried as a password, and therefore obviously things fail.

http://wiki2.dovecot.org/Variables states that %w only works for
Dovecot-auth so this does not seem to work for imap client proxy.

> How can I get the %w to expand properly, because I think then things
> would work...?

I assume you will need to use a master user (masteruser) to login
on behalf of the actual user (loginuser), since the user should be
already authenticated when he sees the namespace "oldmail".


There is an "imapc_master_user" setting in newer versions of
Dovecot 2.1, try something like this?

imapc_user = %u
imapc_master_user = masteruser
imapc_password = enter_password_of_masteruser_here

or alternatively for older versions:

imapc_user = %u*masteruser
imapc_password = enter_password_of_masteruser_here


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