[Dovecot] Problems with pam+ldap + quota

Sven Hartge sven at svenhartge.de
Tue Mar 15 20:27:53 EET 2011

Antonio Perez-Aranda <aperezaranda at yaco.es> wrote:

> Yes I know and I have some nodes with dovecot+ldap

> But this node need to login with module pam_imap, because it's use a
> "closed" one time password system.

> I'm trying with something like this:

> userdb {
>  driver = passwd
>  args = uid=exim gid=exim quota=*:bytes=%$
> }

> But I need to put the nss attribute en %$ var or another.

>From my experience with PAM,NSS and LDAP I don't think it is possible to
achieve what you are trying to do.


Sig lost. Core dumped.

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