[Dovecot] Dovecot + Sieve does not work

Jimmi jimmi at libero.it
Wed Mar 9 17:55:51 EET 2011

Citando Uppenbrink <info at uppenbrink.net>:
> The protocol is managesieve, not sieve.

In fact I had this protocol specified at the beginning, and dovecot  
was not starting with an error I could not understand. After that I  
changed to sieve and it started smoothly. Now checking carrefully I  
realized that another non-standard daemon was listening on the port  
2000. I moved the latter to another port, changed back the protocol to  
managesieve, and now works :)

>> In my dovecot.conf I have the section:
>> protocol managesieve {
>>  # Specify an alternative address:port the daemon must listen on
>>  # (default: *:2000)
>>  listen = localhost:4190
>> }
> Edit the config.inc.php from the managesieve roundcube plugin and  
> change the managesieve_port. The default port is here also 2000.

Strange enough the protocol option works, and now managesieve is  
listening on the port 4190. It means that at start Dovecot check the  
availability of the port 2000 although a different port is specified?

However another problem comes: with roundcube I created a rule, that  
was correctly stored in the user's sieve directory in roundcube.sieve  
as follow:
require ["fileinto"];
# rule:[MyMail]
if anyof (header :contains "From" "mymail")
         fileinto "Mymail";

and the emails coming from mymail domain simply disappear, leaving the  
box Mymail empty.

I could not find anything strange in the logs: how t otrace the problem?

Thanks again :)

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