[Dovecot] dbox vs. mdbox

Joan Moreau jom at grosjo.net
Sun Mar 6 22:46:38 EET 2011

>> * Sdbox is using far too much I/O on a busy server, I had to switch 
>> to
>> mdbox
>> * Converting from Maildir to s/mdbox is easy
> Are you saying sdbox uses more disk I/O than maildir? That's 
> unexpected.

 I am saying that sbbox is not sustainable when having very large 
 mailbox, IO becomes too high (even with high-end storage devices)

> erting from sdbox to mdbox has been a complete nightmare. I have 
> never
>> managed to make it completely, finally made it through imap protocol
>> between 2 instance of dovecot. You better choose before sd or md, 
>> but
>> not try to convert between the 2

> was difficult about it? You should have been able to do it really 
> easily
> with dsync

 No, as you know very well: I sent plenty of emails about this matter at 
 that time on this mailng list, but nobody found any solutions, so, I 
 gave up.
 Dsync is too buggy to convert sdbox to mdbox.

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