[Dovecot] Multiple Concurrent IMAP Connections For Same User

Stan Hoeppner stan at hardwarefreak.com
Sat Mar 5 22:24:33 EET 2011

Stan Hoeppner put forth on 3/5/2011 1:34 PM:
> Stephen Usher put forth on 3/5/2011 12:57 PM:
>> On 05/03/2011 18:04, Stan Hoeppner wrote:
>>> I don't believe it's an issue of Tbird talking to Dovecot, and I don't
>>> believe it's a Dovecot issue.  I believe it's a combination of the TB
>>> GLODA system and local folder synchronization.  I recommend you disable
>>> both of these, close TB, then manually delete all local cached
>>> folder/message copies and the gloda database in the user profile, then
>>> launch TB.  And never reenable local sync or GLODA.  This should fix
>>> your problem.  And make sure *all* IMAP clients accessing the mailbox
>>> expunge on exit, including your smart phone, etc.
>> Turning off all caching and synchronisation makes no difference. 
> Did you disable GLODA?

Also, did you delete the sync copies and the GLODA sqlite index file
from the user profile?  IIRC, TB will still read the files if they
exist, even after disabling their parent function.  TB just won't write
to them any more.  Yes, it's stupid, I agree.  But I recall running into
this problem and needing to delete all the cached mbox files and the
sqlite db to get everything working correctly.

Specifically answering your "change" question, the one big difference
between TB 3 and TB 2 is GLODA, and there have been a large number of
problems with it.  I noticed some of them on day one and disabled it.

I use both TB and RoundCube.  With both open, I can delete a group of
messages in RC in an IMAP subfolder and the messages automatically
disappear from my TB view in about 5 seconds, and remain gone.  I just
performed a test deleting a group of 8 messages via RC in an IMAP
subfolder containing list mail from linux-ide.  It works fine the other
way around as well, though I must manually refresh RC as it's a
stateless web app.  I just deleted 6 messages in TB, and simply clicking
the folder in RC showed the messages were gone.  Deleting a message via
RC in INBOX required punching the Get Mail button in TB to reveal the
message had been deleted.  Not sure why the INBOX case required a manual
refresh.  The messages are all is still gone, after closing and opening
TB again.

I don't recall ever having the problem you describe, using TB 3.0
through TB 3.1.9, and Dovecot 1.0.15 through 1.2.15.  My point is that
TB and Dovecot can be configured properly to eliminate this problem
you're having.


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