[Dovecot] Duplicate Email with Dovecot Sieve

Stephan Bosch stephan at rename-it.nl
Mon Aug 22 19:15:46 EEST 2011

On 8/22/2011 8:39 AM, Holden Hao wrote:
> Upon reading up on understanding qmail logs, I found out that the 
> did_1+0+1 in my logs means that Qmail was successful in delivering to 
> Maildir (first 1) and also it was able to pass the email to an 
> external program (last 1; in this case Dovecot's deliver). So I guess 
> that is why I am getting 2 emails. However, I do not know why qmail 
> still delivered to Maildir when it should have passed on the delivery 
> to Dovecots deliver program. As I understand it the correct delivery 
> should log did_0+0+1 which means that qmail handed the email to an 
> external program successfully and did not deliver the email to Maildir 
> itself. Is this what is to be expected? Thank you for some pointers. 
> Holden 

As I suspected, this is an MTA issue. Apparently, you have two parallel 
local delivery transports configured. I have no idea how this is 
configured in Qmail and what exactly you may have done wrong.

Although other people on this list probably do have knowledge of Qmail 
configuration, MTA-related questions are mostly off-topic, so you may 
not get an answer here. I suggest you contact the guys at qmail.



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