[Dovecot] Duplicate Email with Dovecot Sieve

Holden Hao holdenhao at gmail.com
Mon Aug 22 18:39:30 EEST 2011

> General Qmail log:
> @400000004e4d1d7b2965966c info msg 1337024: bytes 2257 from <
> testuser at gmail.com> qp 15984 uid 113
> @400000004e4d1d7b2965a60c starting delivery 62510: msg 1337024 to local
> user at xxxxxx.org
> @400000004e4d1d7b2965b5ac status: local 1/10 remote 0/100
> @400000004e4d1d7b390469a4 delivery 62510: success: did_1+0+1/
> @400000004e4d1d7b3905119c status: local 0/10 remote 0/100
> @400000004e4d1d7b39058ab4 end msg 1337024

Upon reading up on understanding qmail logs, I found out that the


in my logs means that Qmail was successful in delivering to Maildir (first
1) and also it was able to pass the email to an external program (last 1; in
this case Dovecot's deliver).  So I guess that is why I am getting 2 emails.
 However, I do not know why qmail still delivered to Maildir when it should
have passed on the delivery to Dovecots deliver program.  As I understand it
the correct delivery should log


which means that qmail handed the email to an external program successfully
and did not deliver the email to Maildir itself.  Is this what is to be

Thank you for some pointers.


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