[Dovecot] Troube with GSSAPI auth

Willie Gillespie wgillespie+dovecot at es2eng.com
Wed Nov 24 17:17:37 EET 2010

asd dsa wrote:
>> Maybe auth_gssapi_hostname should = melchior.td.pmz.com.ua since that's
>> what is in your keytab.
> Yep, it helps, but ive got another error:
> auth: Info: gssapi(?, While processing incoming data: Unspecified GSS failure.  Minor code may provide more information
> auth: Info: gssapi(?, While processing incoming data: Unknown code krb5 230
> I destroyed kerberos cache in /tmp/krb*, but nothing changed.

It's been a while since I've really messed with Kerberos, but I did find 
  a page [1] which talked a little about krb5 error 230.

It said:
Error 230 in the krb5 table is KRB5_KT_KVNONOTFOUND, "Key version number 
for principal in key table is incorrect".

Maybe that will help by giving you a starting point.


[1] http://mailman.mit.edu/pipermail/kerberos/2009-February/014506.html

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