[Dovecot] What is that error all about: "Timeout leak: 0x4bd230"

Christian Rohmann crohmann at netcologne.de
Mon Nov 22 14:45:37 EET 2010

Hey dovecot-users,

we are running dovecot 1.2.15 and are seeing some odd errors in our

--- dovecot.log ---
2010-11-22 12:34:56 imapserver local2.warning dovecot dovecot:
IMAP(username at domain.tld): Timeout leak: 0x4bd230
--- /dovecot.log ---

Those errors only appear if connections are done using IMAP (via Horde's
IMP Webmail). With POP3 we don't see any of those errors.

We actually don't see anything in general being broken or wrong (no
errors on the webmail machines, no user complaints), but these errors
are constantly being logged.

Where would one start to look for the cause?

Thanks for your help,


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