[Dovecot] Dovecot 2.0.7 (8793036f6de8) seems to miss some defaults for vsz_limit

Robert Schetterer robert at schetterer.org
Wed Nov 17 10:57:59 EET 2010

Am 17.11.2010 09:28, schrieb Thomas Leuxner:
> On Wed, Nov 17, 2010 at 05:01:27AM +0000, Timo Sirainen wrote:
>> LMTP shouldn't have had that problem.. Unless you've explicitly changed those in the config file? See doveconf -n|grep vsz_limit
> Did some investigation now and could bring up the latest and greatest
> by adding missing defaults after comparing an old 'doveconf -a' dump:
> [ 20-managesieve.conf ]
> +   vsz_limit = 64M
> Manually uncommented the entry in the file.
> It then gave me:
> $ invoke-rc.d dovecot start
> Starting IMAP/POP3 mail server: dovecotdoveconf: Fatal: Error in
> configuration file /etc/dovecot/dovecot.conf: service(lmtp): vsz_limit
> is too low
>  failed!
> Previous settings would indicate default of:
> service lmtp {
>   [...]
>   vsz_limit = 0
> }
> That does not work anymore though. Manually set a size in
> 'master.conf' therefore:
> [ 10-master.conf ]
> service lmtp {
>   [...]
>   vsz_limit = 64M
> }
> Now Dovecot comes up. Not sure what value would be reasonable for the
> LMTP Service. Point is: It should pull reasonable defaults which it
> obviously does not.
> Regards
> Thomas

i think there can only be defaults if all parameters are default
( at a new clean install from scratch )

cause there are depencies, so if you change one parameter ,others might
be changed too, at last ,using distro packs, may also change default
setups to what the distro releaser means that is best, so Timo might not
the right man ,to talk to in such case...

perhaps others might mean the better way is to let dovecot start with
warning and let it crash later....

i think in this case ,there is no "make all people happy" chance

so the only problem might have been not reading changelogs or/and better
anouncement to new stuff,

lucky Timo is patching fast and quick, on the other Hand people
arent that quick as Timo *g, so everything has its pros and contras
perhaps it might be better to have a devel tree, but as far i see
Timo is the main coder so its definite up to him how to handle
releasing, unless there are no other prime coders to which he has
to sync, and i think Timo would be happy if there would be more heavy
coders at dovecot for better testing,releasing,coding etc

but after all its not a heavy problem,
there might be always trouble with latest code so be prepared at
upgrade, make sure that you can get back at productional

why no use something like i.e default_vsz_limit = 256M ?
instead of using seperate entries

Best Regards

MfG Robert Schetterer


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