[Dovecot] Is Dovecot Director stable for production??

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Sun Nov 14 03:59:22 EET 2010


protocol doveadm {
  userdb {
    driver = ldap
    args = whatever
userdb {
  driver = static
  args = etc

On 14.11.2010, at 1.51, Aliet Santiesteban Sifontes wrote:

> Timo, first as all thank's for your directions and work...
> about the doveadm I will ty enabling ldap at the directors, I'm just having
> a problem with this, using the recommended static config everything works
> ok, but if I enable ldap exactly as in the backends, I mean ldap stuff and
> auth, dovecot attemps to do all the imap, pop, ltmp local, where exactly I
> must configure dovecot so use ldap for user list and keep using static
> configs for director/proxy stuff??
> best regards
> 2010/11/13 Timo Sirainen <tss at iki.fi>
>> On 13.11.2010, at 22.50, Aliet Santiesteban Sifontes wrote:
>>> doveadm director map I get
>>> user                                              mail server ip expire
>> time
>>> <unknown>                               
>> 2010-11-13
>>> 17:43:31
>>> lmtp, imap and pop director working but in the list the user appears as
>>> unknown, how tofix this??
>>> any ideas??
>> Director doesn't keep track of username -> IP mappings. It keeps track of
>> CRC32(username) -> IP mappings. So if you want to list user -> IP, doveadm
>> needs to get a list of all usernames so it can map them to the CRC32 (which
>> of course isn't necessarily 1:1). So either you need to make "doveadm user
>> '*'" working (in sql/ldap you have iterate_* settings) or you need to put
>> all the usernames into a file and give -f file parameter to doveadm director
>> map.
>>>> Today I will try Dovecot Director for a setup using a Cluster Backend
>> with
>>>> GFS2 on rhel5, my question is if is Director stable for use in
>> production
>>>> for large sites,
>> I know there are at least two production installations and I haven't heard
>> complaints for months, so I guess they're working.

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