[Dovecot] Deliver limit based of number of destination recipients and size of mails, any option to do that?

Leonardo Rodrigues leolistas at solutti.com.br
Thu Dec 23 15:40:10 EET 2010

     policyd is a policy server, which can be used in postfix, and can 
be used to acchieve quota limitations to help you solve this kind of 

     you should take a look in it: http://www.policyd.org/

     Making this limitation on dovecot, if possible, would limit the 
delivery only for your local users. And i'm sure your employees are also 
sending those powerpoint stuff to outside users as well. So, the right 
place to limit this is postfix, which handles all users, local and 
remote ones.

Em 23/12/10 11:14, Andrés Yacopino escreveu:
> I have a mail server with postfix, dovecot (1.2.15) and deliver lda
> (dovecot) with 350 users.
> I have the problem that in this christmas the employees are sending some
> big files (mainly powerpoints files) to a lot of recipients, because of
> that the server get a lot of charge (is a Xeon quad core 5405 with 4GB
> of Ram), i have four disks in Raid 5 configuration (HP E200 controller,
> not very fast)
> Is there any option to limit this type of delivery, the total size of
> the mails delivered to each user (total recipients * size of mail), in
> dovecot deliver.
> I don't want to limit the concurrent delivery more lower than 350
> recipients and the max size of the mail we can send is 15M.
> Thanks a lot,


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